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Flash Memory news and hot articles

2010-04-21 Flash/EE memory programming via LIN��Protocol 6
This application note describes the download protocol implemented on the ADuC7032-8L and ADuC7033 (Protocol 6) to enable users to develop their own LIN programming tools either for series production programming or for application update.
2010-03-10 SPI flash memory allows multiple parameter options
The N25Q serial flash memory's Non-Volatile Configuration Register feature optimizes the device configuration by allowing multiple parameter options that are best-suited for the application.
2010-03-04 C library source code for M29W256 flash memory using the flash device driver software interface
This application note describes the library source code in C for the M29W256 flash memories using the flash software device driver interface.
2010-03-02 Migrating from a chip enable care to a chip enable don't care NAND flash memory
This application note aims to highlight the differences between Chip Enable don't care and Chip Enable care devices. It also explains the advantages of Chip Enable don't care NAND flash memories over Chip Enable care devices in applications.
2010-03-01 Connecting a MPC56x MCU to the M58BW016B/D flash memory
This application note describes a method of connecting the M58BW016B/D flash memory to a MPC56x MCU without using glue logic. The M58BW016B/D is an advanced 3V 16Mbit flash memory from Numonyx.
2010-02-26 How to migrate to Numonyx M29W400D from Spansion S29AL004D flash memory
This application note explains how to migrate an application based on the Spansion S29AL004D flash memory device to an application based on the Numonyx M29W400D flash memory device.
2010-02-26 How to migrate to Numonyx M29W800D from Spansion S29AL008J/D flash memory
This application note explains how to migrate an application based on the Spansion S29AL008D/J flash memory device to an application based on the Numonyx M29W800D flash memory device.
2009-10-19 SanDisk rolls 64Gbit 4X flash memory
SanDisk Corp. has begun production shipments of memory cards based on the company's X4 flash memory technology.
2009-09-14 Automotive MCU packs 3.75MB flash memory
Renesas has announced a powertrain control MCU that integrates 3.75Mbyte flash memory and offers high-speed operation at 200MHz.
2009-06-09 Hamming codes for NAND flash memory devices
This application note describes the use of simple Hamming codes to detect and correct data corruption that occurs during normal SLC NAND flash device operation.
2009-04-23 Impact of X-ray inspection on Spansion flash memory
The purpose of this application note is to provide guidance on the assessment and mitigation of risks associated with X-ray inspection of Spansion flash memory components.
2009-04-21 8bit MCUs highlight dual-operation flash memory
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has expanded its portfolio of low pin count microcontrollers with three new series in its F2MC-8FX family of high-performance 8bit MCUs featuring 8, 16, and 20 pins.
2008-10-06 Programming external flash memory on CoreMP7-based development boards
This application note focuses on a third mechanism that uses the debugging interface's communications console with built-in memory programming commands to program the memories found on the CoreMP7 development kits.
2008-09-25 Slim MEMS oscillator targets memory modules
Claimed as the world's thinnest MEMS oscillator at 0.25mm, this new device is targeted at applications such as smartcards, ultrathin cellphones, system-in-package modules, flash storage units and other multichip modules
2008-09-10 Using external data memory with PIC24F/24H/dsPIC33F devices
This application note describes the methodology to use the Parallel Master Port (PMP) module to interface with external data memory; either external flash or external RAM
2008-09-10 MirrorBit write buffer programming and page buffers
The write buffer in Spansion MirrorBit flash memory devices is designed to reduce the overall system programming time when writing to the flash device. The host system first fills the write buffer with data, and then issues the write buffer programming command
2008-09-09 Buzz: Will Samsung buy SanDisk?
South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is reportedly considering acquiring flash memory maker SanDisk Corp
2008-09-09 Developing system-level validation routines
During the system design and validation process, designers may require stress testing of their platforms and in system testing of flash memory. Some test routines may inadvertently expose the systems flash memory components to stress far exceeding operational stress and result in incorrect analyses of system reliability. To better engineer system level test routines and to validate the flash memory subsystem, Spansion offers several guidelines in this application note
2008-09-09 Spansion advanced sector protection
This document describes the implementation of the Advanced Sector Protection in Spansion flash memory devices
2008-09-08 Debate on flash memory's future heats up
Storage gurus from IBM and EMC spent much of the Labor Day weekend debating the future of flash memory drives in servers and storage systems
2008-09-01 EcoRAM cuts data center power use
Seeking to solve a major power problem in computing, NOR flash vendor Spansion Inc. has rolled out a new class of memory that is said to have the potential to replace DRAM in the data center
2008-08-29 Solid state discovered��controllers in a flash
Clearly, flash memory has significantly replaced various historic storage media
2008-08-27 Interfacing Spansion flash to TI OMAP processors
This application note assumes that the reader is familiar with asynchronous, page and synchronous flash memory timings
2008-08-21 16bit single-chip microcontrollers flash memory self programming
The 78K0R/Kx3 series products are equipped with an internal firmware, which allows to rewrite the flash memory without the use of an external programmers
2008-08-21 Samsung leads NAND market ranking in Q2
The NAND flash memory market remained constant in Q2, but Samsung's ranking stood as the only profitable supplier during the period, according to iSuppli Corp
2008-08-19 The worst, best of times for NAND
The NAND flash memory market is still seeing a horrific downturn, as the industry is saddled with too much capacity. But over time, there is a need for 10 more megafabs in the market to keep up with emerging demand for NAND, according to the top executive of SanDisk Corp
2008-08-18 Controller LSI enables high-speed flash storage
TDK Corp. has developed the GBDriver RA8 series of NAND flash memory controller LSI that are compatible with 2KByte/page and 4KByte/page NAND flash memories
2008-08-18 Numonyx seeks flash memory supremacy
Looking into how Numonyx positions itself in the flash memory market and how it sees the competition with industry leader Samsung, Harrison said the company's strategy is to achieve profitability through the efficiency and cooperation between Intel and ST to lead in flash memory industry
2008-08-15 A glimpse of SSDs' evolution
At the Flash Memory Summit, Dean Klein, VP of memory system development at Micron Technology Inc., gave a glimpse of the past, present and future of the latest developments in solid-state drives (SSDs
2008-08-14 SST updates serial flash line with 4Mbit offering
Silicon Storage Technology Inc. has added a 4Mbit device to its 1.8V 25WF Series SPI serial flash memory family
2008-08-14 Military-qualified FPGAs 'first' with on-chip flash memory
Extending the low-power and reliability benefits of its higher density flash-based FPGA technologies, Actel Corp. has added new ProASIC3 and ProASIC3EL FPGAs to its military-qualified product offerings
2008-08-12 32Gbyte NAND flash meets eMMC, eSD standards
Toshiba Corp. has launched the 32Gbyte embedded NAND flash memory devices that are touted to offer the largest density yet, plus full compliance with the eMMC and eSD standards
2008-08-12 Emulating data EEPROM for PIC18 and PIC24 MCUs and dsPIC DSCs
Many applications store nonvolatile information in the flash program memory using table write and read operations. Applications that need to frequently update this data may have greater endurance requirements than the specified flash endurance for the device
2008-08-08 Interfacing the MSP430 with MMC/SD flash memory cards
This application report and the associated source code files demonstrate the implementation of a serial peripheral interface (SPI) between the MSP430F161x MCU and an MMC or SD flash memory card used in SPI mode
2008-08-08 Hynix, Numonyx forge NAND tie-up
Numonyx B.V. has partnered with South Korea's Hynix Semiconductor Inc. in a major push in the NAND flash-memory market
2008-08-07 PISMO Advisory Council welcomes new members
Agilent Technologies, Samtec and Mentor Graphics have joined the PISMO Advisory Council, which is the industry's first organization focused on streamlining system-level flash memory validation and test
2008-08-06 MSP430 flash memory characteristics
This TI application note explains the physics behind these specifications and also gives recommendations for correct MSP430 flash handling
2008-08-01 Keeping up with flash memory growth
Hyperstone's flash memory controllers have evolved to multiple product lines, which include the F2/F3 series that zeroes in on the CF card standard, and the S2/S3/S4/S6/S7 series targeting the SD/MMC card standard. Apart from carrying proprietary 32bit RISC processor core, the products feature hardware units such as the ECC, buffer, flash memory and host interface control logic
2008-07-28 microSDHC card adds 8GB memory to handsets
Kingston Technology Co. Inc. has added an 8Gbyte microSD High-Capacity (SDHC) flash memory card (SDC4/8GB) to its mobile memory storage line
2008-07-22 Samsung, Sun tie up to enable flash drive stability
Samsung Electronics has worked with server maker Sun Microsystems to develop a new 8Gbit single-level-cell design for computer servers that it claims increases the number of read/write cycles for NAND flash memory chips five-fold
2008-07-17 Numonyx NOR reaches out to 65nm
Numonyx has extended its family of high-density NOR flash memory products to its 65nm process lithography to meet the demands of embedded customers
2008-07-14 New XAP processor is built for Zigbee, Bluetooth
Cambridge Consultants has devised a new architecture for the latest version of its core for 16bit processors, the XAP5, that includes special features for running programs held in on- or off-chip flash memory
2008-07-11 Numonyx, Elpida forge memory foundry deal
Flash-memory upstart Numonyx B.V. has signed on its first silicon foundry partner, by announcing a deal with Japan's Elpida Memory Inc
2008-07-10 MCU boasts 200MHz operation, 2.5Mbyte on-chip flash
Renesas Technology has released the SH72544R SuperH family MCU featuring high-speed operation of up to 200MHz and a high-speed, large-capacity 2.5Mbyte on-chip flash memory
2008-06-30 Understanding typical and maximum program/erase performance
Flash program and erase performance characteristics are often misunderstood. Unlike other memory devices that provide a single access time for both reading and writing, flash memory is read much faster than it is programmed
2008-06-30 What types of ECC should be used on flash memory
NOR flash normally does not need error-correcting code (ECC). On the other hand, NAND requires ECC to ensure data integrity. NAND flash includes extra storage on each page to store ECC code as well as other information for wear leveling, logical to physical block mapping, and other software overhead functions
2008-06-28 Writing to flash from firmware
The flash memory on all Silicon Labs MCU devices is readable and writable from application code. This capability allows user software to store values to the Flash such as calibration constants or system parameters, and to implement a boot loading feature in which user firmware can be updated in-system from a remote site
2008-06-26 Understanding burst mode NOR flash devices
Most Spansion LLC Flash memory devices operate with random access times on the order of 70ns to 90ns. Many applications require shorter access time to run code efficiently. To achieve shorter access times, approaches such as burst access were developed. Burst mode access can reduce the average access time of a device from 90ns to under 25ns
2008-06-26 Flash memory erase mode comparison: Simultaneous read/write vs erase suspend
How often can an erase be suspended before it affects system performance and a Simultaneous Read/Write device needs to be used instead? Read on this Spansion application note.
2008-06-26 Common flash memory interface specification
This specification release (as application note by Spansion) defines the basic Query interface for CFI-compliant devices.
2008-06-25 picoPower MCUs eye power-sensitive systems
Atmel Corp. has announced two new low power 32-pin tinyAVR MCUs, the ATtiny48 and ATtiny88 devices, which have 4- and 8Kbytes of flash memory, respectively
2008-06-25 Taking advantange of page mode read on the MCF5407 Coldfire
Spansion LLC offers a class of flash memory devices that dramatically reduce read access time. Devices such as the S29GLxxxN family of flash devices (including the S29GL512N, S29GL256N, and the S29GL128N) have a read page mode with a 25ns access time
2008-06-25 Optimizing program/erase times
As flash memory storage capacity has increased, so has the amount of time required to program and erase the entire device. The Spansion S29WS256N (a 256Mbit, 1.8V burst device with MirrorBit technology) is used as an example in this application note. This device is capable of using all the program/erase modes currently offered in Spansion flash memories
2008-06-23 Will Seagate buy Intel's stake in IM Flash
Seagate Technology could be a potential buyer of Intel Corp.'s stake in IM Flash Technologies LLC, the chip giant's joint NAND flash-memory venture with Micron Technology Inc., according to an analyst
2008-06-19 How to connect a small page NAND flash memory to STR710
This application note describes the hardware and software necessary to drive an STMicroelectronics Small Page NAND flash memory by an STR710
2008-06-19 Using the STR91xFA external memory interface (EMI
The STR91xFA EMI bus is a very flexible bus and is user programmable. The bus can be configured to interface to different types of memory devices, including SRAM, flash memory, ROM or PSRAM
2008-06-18 STM32F101xx and STM32F103xx system memory boot mode
This application note describes the bootloader stored in the system memory of the STM32F101xx and STM32F103xx flash-memory-based microcontrollers
2008-06-18 Toshiba shuts down 200mm NAND JV
Toshiba is slightly scaling back on its 200mm NAND flash-memory production amid a downturn in the arena. It will mainly focus on its 300mm fabs to meet improved production efficiency for the company's overall semiconductor business
2008-06-11 Freescale hands over MRAM biz to EverSpin
Freescale Semiconductor has announced plans to spin off its fledgling MRAM business, taking an approach executives at the chipmaker believe offers the most optimal way to commercialize a technology being positioned as an alternative to DRAM and flash memory products
2008-06-10 Spansion streamlines operations, refocuses on Asia
Due to ongoing losses and lackluster demand for NOR flash memory, Spansion Inc. announced it will cut approximately 500 positions worldwide
2008-06-10 SanDisk rolls flash drives for ultralow-cost PCs
SanDisk has introduced a line of flash memory-based SSDs that are designed for ultralow-cost PCs or "netbooks" that give users an enhanced experience while surfing the Internet
2008-06-09 Hynix, Samsung race to adopt 3bit/cell NAND
Hynix and Samsung are separately gearing up for a push into the 3bit/cell NAND flash race. Hynix developed a 32Gbyte NAND flash memory using 3bit/cell technology, while Samsung will start producing 3bit/cell NAND by the end of 2008
2008-06-06 Pricing for NAND flash devices hits severe downturn
Gartner said inventories continue to plague the market, and cost reductions cannot come fast enough as all vendors migrate to finer-process geometries. This includes Intel and Micron, which recently launched a 34nm, 32Gbyte NAND flash memory device
2008-06-02 Gain from non-volatile memory in flash-based MCUs
In the past, many MCUs would use ROM or UV-erasable EPROM to store program instructions. But increasingly, MCUs turn to flash technologies for code storage. The main reason for choosing flash memory is that it can be erased and updated if errors are found in the program code
2008-06-02 Intel, Micron debut 34nm NAND flash
Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc. have leapfrogged the competition and claimed the technical lead in the NAND flash memory market
2008-05-29 PSoC adds ADC for fast analog sampling
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. recently introduced a PSoC mixed-signal array with an enhanced ADC for fast analog sampling and expanded 8Kbytes of flash memory capacity for complex algorithm processing
2008-05-26 Renesas withdraws from flash memory market
Renesas Technology has completed its planned exit from the standalone flash memory market
2008-05-22 Design aids��multicontext switch event kernel
This application note from Cypress Semiconductor describes an event-based, multicontext switching micro-kernel that requires 2bytes of SRAM and minimal flash memory
2008-05-16 What's the best flash memory flavor for your design
The embedded systems industry has been waiting for "universal memory" to come along. This article discusses the various flavors of NAND and NOR flash memory that may be the suitable to your design needs
2008-05-15 SanDisk reigns in flash card, USB drive market
SanDisk took the top spot among global vendors in the $11.5 billion memory card and USB flash drive market last year, according to a report by DRAMeXchange
2008-05-07 Using Micron MT29F2G08AACWP NAND flash memory in Toshiba TC58NVG1S3BTG00 apps
This technical note compares the third-generation 2Gbit Micron NAND flash device with 2Gbit Toshiba device TC58NVG1S3BTG00
2008-04-25 Rambus, Spansion collaborate on next-gen flash
Rambus and Spansion have entered into a collaboration for DDR engineering services and future development of MirrorBit flash memory solutions
2008-04-24 Microchip updates 32bit USB-OTG MCU portfolio
The latest USB OTG PIC32 family member of Microchip Technology, the PIC32MX420F032H-40I/PT, runs at 40MHz and features 32Kbytes of flash memory, comes in a 64-pin TQFP package and establishes a new low-cost entry point for the PIC32 family
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