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IC design news and hot articles

2010-05-21 Opinion: Custom IC design needs variation analysis
Incorporating optimal sampling and design-specific corner methods into variation-aware custom IC design can avoid costly over-margining or under-designing, and avoid delaying project schedules.
2010-05-17 IC compiler enables faster design closure
Synopsys offers the IC Compiler 2010.03, a physical implementation solution delivering up to 2.5x faster performance on multicorner/multimode designs, and enhanced in-design technology for faster design closure.
2010-04-26 Ballast control IC eases HID lighting design
International Rectifier has developed a full-featured high-intensity discharge (HID) electronic ballast control IC for low-, medium- and high-power general purpose industrial HID applications
2010-04-26 Google ventures into IC design via Agnilux
Following Apple into the IC design market, Google Inc is buying a chip design team company Agnilux Inc., according to reports.
2010-03-23 Low-power current sensing IC amp eases design
STMicroelectronics' TSC102, a low-power current sensing IC offers features aimed at providing design flexibility and increasing sensing accuracy.
2010-03-05 Mentor CEO warns of soaring IC design costs
Chip design costs are expected to shoot up, but software��not hardware��is playing a much greater role in the problematic equations, warned Mentor chairman and CEO Walden Rhines.
2010-03-04 TowerJazz helps boost Korea IC design
TowerJazz has signed an agreement with Korea's IC Design Education Center (IDEC) to accelerate the country's specialty IC design expertise.
2010-03-04 Magma, Chengdu ICC open joint IC design lab
Magma Design Automation and Chengdu ICC (CDICC), a government-funded organization that promotes IC design in Chengdu, have established a joint IC design lab.
2010-01-11 Custom IC, software ease e-book design
Texas Instruments is offering a custom silicon and software intended to streamline the design process for e-books using the same E-Ink display.
2009-12-17 IBM details 3D IC design challenges
IBM Corp. engineer John Knickerbocker offers five challenges for 3D devices based on TSVs.
2009-08-24 Outsourced IC design growth slowed 20% in '08
2009 will be a make or break year for chip design service providers after the recession slowed the growth of outsourced chip design starts last year, according to a survey by market research firm Gartner.
2009-06-17 Design of secondary-side rectification using IR1168 Dual SmartRectifier control IC
IR1168 is a smart secondary-side driver IC designed to drive the two N-Channel power MOSFETs used as synchronous rectifiers in isolated DC/DC resonant converters.
2009-06-05 De Geus: Downturn to change IC design
As if the current downturn weren't tough enough, the semiconductor industry is also headed for increasing challenges from higher design costs and production at smaller geometries, according to Synopsys Inc. chairman and CEO Aart de Geus.
2009-02-09 Integrated equalizer IC simplifies 10G SFP+ design
Phyworks has released the PHY1066 equalizer, driver and retimer IC that the enables host board designers to create 10Gbit/s Ethernet SFP+ receive and transmit interfaces for 'direct attach' passive twin-ax copper cables and 10GBASE-SR optical modules.
2008-10-07 Custom IC design, layouts, and productivity
There is a definite challenge in maintaining productivity when it comes to realizing a design. Anything that helps the layout with increasing productivity does it for me.
2008-10-03 Pact to deliver MIPS core to China IC design houses
Shenzhen Integrated Circuit Design Industrial Center has licensed MIPS' low-power MIPS32, M4K, and MIPS32 4Kc processor cores for next-generation IC designs.
2008-09-25 Tensilica users receive IP core supports from Aftek
Aftek Ltd, India-based IC design and embedded systems services house, has introduced three IP cores to support Tensilica users and speed up time-to-market of SoC design based on Tensilica processor cores
2008-09-18 Complete battery-pack design for one-or two-cell portable applications
Although voltage measurement alone has been used in many portable products to approximate the remaining capacity of the battery, this method may have an error of up to 50 percent. Using a gas-gauge IC to measure the charge that enters or leaves a battery will provide a much better estimate of battery capacity over a broad range of application power levels
2008-09-01 Fortified show features new components
Shifting its focus from manufacturing to design, Taiwan's electronic industry is getting a shot in the arm with a bigger, modified show, as the International IC-Taiwan Conference and Exhibition (IIC-Taiwan) features the Components Zone
2008-08-27 Cadence tool steps up IC package, SiP designs
The release of SPB 16.2, due in November of this year, from Cadence design Systems, delivers advanced IC package/system-in-package miniaturization, design cycle reduction and DFM-driven design, along with a new power integrity modeling solution
2008-08-18 IIC-Taiwan: New take on IC design
If you think Taiwan is missing in semiconductor action, think again. It may not be generating as much buzz as mainland China, India or Vietnam, but there is no denying that Taiwan is still a prime destination for key industry players.
2008-08-07 Filter software update packs improved user interface
Quickfilter Technologies Inc. has released version 4.0 of its QuickfilterPro4A software that is used to design filters that will be implemented in the company's QF4A512 programmable signal converter IC
2008-08-05 Microkernels: Minimalist rockers in IC design
Do microkernels suck? No, they rock, if they're well designed and implemented.
2008-08-01 Multithreading comes undone
EDA vendors have struggled to meet the challenge of multicore IC design by rolling out multithreading capabilities for their tools. Nonetheless, the question cannot be ignored: Is multithreading the best way to exploit multicore systems effectively
2008-07-03 Confab stresses potential thermal crisis in IC design
At the design Automation Conference in Anaheim, California, an educational panel addressed the thermal issue in IC design. Two key questions raised were when will this issue be emerging as a crucial concern? What are the solutions to solve this potential crisis
2008-06-30 Applying SG5841 to control a flyback power supply
Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.'s application note 5841 describes a detailed design strategy for a high-efficiency, compact flyback converter using the SG5841 PWM controller IC. Design considerations, mathematical equations, and guidelines for a PCB layout are provided
2008-06-16 India preps Karnataka as next IC hub
Inspired by Bengaluru's success in attracting semiconductor and embedded design companies, the government of Karnataka will develop its own semiconductor and electronics manufacturing blueprint
2008-06-05 TSMC stirs IC designs using 40nm node
Paving the way for next-generation chips, TSMC is set to roll out its latest design methodology for IC production at the 40nm node
2008-05-05 Cadence opens first IC design center in Brazil
Cadence design Systems, in partnership with the government of Brazil, has opened the first IC design training center in the country
2008-04-30 TSMC IC design collaboration strategy stirs controversy
TSMC has unveiled a new and possibly controversial strategy that involves more collaboration in the early stages of the IC design process
2008-04-17 Synopsys enables first Vietnam-spun IC
Synopsys has enabled Vietnam's IC design Research and Education Center to achieve first silicon success with SigmaK3, the first IC designed entirely in Vietnam
2008-04-07 IC design looks promising for Romania
...I was surprised to find it less expensive to operate in Romania than in India, Malaysia or China," said Hugh Durdan, VP of marketing for eSilicon, a custom IC developer
2008-03-18 Cirrus Logic to shut down China IC design unit
Cirrus Logic has submitted an 8-K filing with the U.S. SEC reporting the company's commitment to closing its fabless IC design subsidiary in China, Caretta Integrated Circuits
2008-03-12 Lock-and-key design prevents IC piracy
An anti-piracy scheme aims to reduce the temptation to illegally copy ICs, by requiring that chips be securely activated with a lock-and-key mechanism before use.
2008-03-11 HKSTP offers launch pad for China IC design houses
Five years after it opened, the IC design Center at HKSTP is now a major launch pad for fledging IC design firms in China
2008-02-29 Sun taps China academe for Sparc IC design
Sun Microsystems and China's Ministry of Education have signed a three-year agreement to bolster education in IC design using Sun's Sparc microprocessor technology
2008-02-27 MCU touts low-voltage, small-sized design
Silicon Laboratories has entered the MCU market with an IC that operates at a record-low 0.9V and with sleep-mode current of 50nA
2008-02-18 Overcome critical SoC architectural challenges
A collaborative effort among IC designers using CoWare's ESL tools and Sonics' SMX smart-interconnect IP designed for this class of SoCs enabled the rapid optimization and verification of the design aspects necessary to meet the critical architectural challenges
2008-01-31 HKSTP, Mentor to build SoC/IC design training center
HKSTP and Mentor Graphics have agreed to jointly set up a Training Centre for SoC/IC design technology
2008-01-30 Matsushita taps Synopsys compiler for 45nm design
Synopsys announced that its IC Compiler has been used in Matsushita Electric's 45nm SoC device tapeout
2008-01-16 Shanghai achieves Valley-like stardom
It took several years of intense development efforts but it was all worth it as Shanghai now gasconades the most complete IC industrial chain in China with wafer foundries; IC design houses; assembly and test companies; and device and material firms
2008-01-02 Revealing the true value of China's IC design houses
Among Chinese IC design companies, Shanghai Jade Technologies Co. Ltd is unique. While the majority of local IC design companies focus on cost-control advantages and target the middle- and low-end markets, Jade aims for high-end products
2007-12-28 Audio codec/power management IC enhances Core Logic PNDs
austriamicrosystems has announced that Core Logichas selected its AS3518 audio codec and advanced power management IC (audio front end) to power a reference design aimed at PNDs and multimedia phones
2007-12-17 HVICs deliver improved performance
The latest high-voltage IC technologies are helping engineers address these demands by streamlining the design of the inverter-based variable speed motor drive solutions that are increasingly used in these applications
2007-12-11 Verigy to acquire Inovys
IC test company Verigy has signed an agreement to acquire Inovys, a privately held, design debug solution provider Inovys
2007-11-19 Mindtree acquires TES IC design arm in India
Mindtree Consulting has bought Purple Vision, the IC design services subsidiary of French electronics design company TES Electronic Solutions SA
2007-11-15 Synopsys: India leads in wireless IC design focus
A study by Synopsys showed that Europe may no longer be the hotbed of wireless IC design as about 38 percent of Indian designers are working on wireless and mobile application designs compared with just about 22 percent in Europe
2007-10-25 Virage Logic advances 65nm design
Virage Logic is expanding its 65nm IP products, with an eye towards tackling today's complex IC design challenges
2007-10-16 Brazil, too, wants to be IC design hub
There is a budding realization that meeting Brazil's growing demand for ICs by developing them within its own borders could both stem the tide of illegal chips and bolster the country's competitiveness.
2007-10-05 Tech lets ICs sense surroundings
ChipSensors Ltd, a startup with a pedigree in sensors and mixed-signal CMOS design, unveiled a technology that it claims will let the surface of an IC sense temperature, humidity, pathogens and certain gases
2007-09-07 Nanyang, Rice U nanotech initiative eyes probabilistic CMOS
A nanotech initiative by Nanyang and Rice University focuses on probabilistic CMOS, an approach to IC design that's claimed to reduce the energy consumption and size of chips, enabling longer battery life and faster turn-around in new designs
2007-09-03 Tips for successful structured ASIC designs
The use of structured ASIC for custom IC design is an increasingly attractive option. This article provides useful tips for structured ASIC designs
2007-08-30 3G base station design for femtocells cuts BOM costs
Cambridge Consultants' 3G base station radio design for femtocells reduces BOM costs by implementing all functions on two chips��a picoChip DSP and a radio IC
2007-08-20 TI acquires RF IC design specialist
TI has acquired Integrated Circuit Designs, a privately held company that specializes in RF IC design
2007-07-25 Qualcomm, Korean firm ink FLO chip deal
Qualcomm and Telechips have signed a royalty-free agreement that enables Telechips to use Qualcomm's patented technologies to design, manufacture and sell certain IC chip products that implement FLO technology
2007-07-16 TSMC pulls curtains off 45nm design process
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd unveiled its latest and most ambitious design methodology for IC production at the challenging 45nm node
2007-07-16 Linear's chief architect on power loss, IC design
Linear co-founder and chief technical officer Robert Dobkin, who has been involved in the development of high-performance linear ICs for more than 30 years, talks about his favorite topics: Linear itself, and larger design issues such as efficiency vs. power loss
2007-06-18 Integrate power-manager ICs in high-end handsets
The need for high-efficiency charging, high levels of feature integration in the battery-charger IC, efficient use of board space, and increased product reliability exert considerable pressure on the design of battery-powered electronic devices
2007-06-18 Power analysis tool aims at 45nm, 65nm designs
Extending its IC power-analysis capability to include several emerging methodologies, Apache design Solutions Inc. introduced RedHawk-ALP that provides dynamic power integrity analysis for power-gated memories, VTCMOS circuits with substrate back-biasing and on-chip LDO voltage regulators
2007-06-18 Deal with EDA's demise
The embedded industry needs to invest more in innovative software development methods just as IC productivity was dramatically improved with new design technology
2007-06-18 Advanced low-power modes stump IC designers
While EDA vendors are still fighting over two low-power formats, a larger problem may have been obscured: Low-power techniques are so difficult that a rethinking of the entire IC design flow may be needed
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