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PCB Design news and hot articles

2010-05-25 PCB design guidelines for the STM32W108 platform
This application note details the design guidelines for developing an application-specific Zigbee design using an STM32W108xx device.
2009-04-16 Op amp precision design: PCB layout techniques
This application note covers PCB effects encountered in high (DC) precision op amp circuits. It provides techniques for improving the performance, giving more flexibility in solving a given design problem.
2009-03-12 PCB design software packs enhanced functions
National Instruments has unveiled the new enhancements to the NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard PCB design experience, including the release of the Multisim and Ultiboard 10.1.1 software packages.
2008-10-16 File translation flies via high-frequency PCB co-design
AWR and Mentor Graphics Corp. introduce the AWR Connected for Mentor Graphics.
2008-10-14 PCB design guidelines for dual power supply voltage translators
The design of the PCB is an important factor in maximizing the performance of a dual power supply voltage translator.
2008-08-25 PCB-design for improved EMC
This application note is intended for hardware and/or PCB designers with a basic knowledge on PCB-design for improved EMC
2008-08-18 Make the best ADC-MCU connection
A wide array of precision devices is readily available to designers building high-performance systems, whose layout and designs are very important. For systems with multiple boards, however, board interconnection can be a critical piece of the PCB design
2008-08-01 Get DDR2 PCB design right the first time
DDR2 is still relatively new in the industry. It is an evolutionary improvement over its predecessor, DDR, and is the next memory standard, as defined by Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council document JESD79-2E. It behooves layout designers to completely comprehend the interface before doing layout so that the boards they design will be created "right the first time
2008-07-01 Employ fencing for best EMI protection
Electronic systems typically use EMI suppression devices such as ferrites and filters. This article focuses on the use of the Faraday cage or "picket fence" approach to PCB design and layout to eliminate costly EMI protection components
2008-06-30 Applying SG5841 to control a flyback power supply
Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.'s application note 5841 describes a detailed design strategy for a high-efficiency, compact flyback converter using the SG5841 PWM controller IC. design considerations, mathematical equations, and guidelines for a PCB layout are provided
2008-06-30 design and application guide for SG6859A
The present application note describes a detailed design strategy for a high-efficiency compact flyback converter. design considerations and mathematical equations are presented. The guidelines for PCB layout are also given
2008-06-30 Flyback power supply control with the SG6741
This application note describes a design strategy for a high efficiency. compact flyback converter. design considerations, mathematical equations, and guidelines for a PCB layout are presented
2008-06-23 Altium adds publishing, version control for design tool
Altium's unified solution, Altium Designer, is based on a single data model that lets designers synchronize data across all the electronics design stages, allowing changes in one domain to be reflected throughout the design, from schematic capture, PCB layout and FPGA design through to embedded software development
2008-05-16 New formula to speed up PCB designs
PCB designers need a methodology that helps them avoid design iterations between the design and layout stages, or finding issues with the board in the lab with a physical prototype. Hemant Shah of Cadence Design Systems discusses how a "correct-by-construction" PCB layout methodology can help PCB designers shorten their design cycle
2008-04-14 Capturing and sharing IP in PCB design
This article discusses the disconnect between the digital design engineer's vision of bus structures on the PCB and the failure of tools to capture and route this vision in an efficient manner
2008-03-14 Fundamentals and design principles of RF, antenna (Part 3
The conclusion of the three-part series focuses on small loop antennas with differential feed, single-ended loop and trapped PCB loop antennas
2008-02-18 Fundamentals and design principles of RF antennas (Part 1
Antennas connect RF signals in an electrical circuit, such as between a PCB and an electromagnetic wave propagating in the transmission media between the transmitter and the receiver of a wireless link
2007-12-17 Analyze simultaneous switching noise in PCBs
This article from Altera offers a systematic SSN overview with the focus on SSN caused by FPGA output buffers. A description of the causes of system-level SSO is presented and a hierarchical system-level SSO modeling methodology is proposed. A procedure for correlating the SSO models to frequency- and time-domain measurements is provided and several PCB design methodologies for minimizing SSO in PCBs are offered
2007-12-17 Trends to consider when choosing tools
There are many factors to consider during PCB evaluation. Sylvia Teo of Mentor Graphics discusses how to address the challenges in PCB design and what factors must be considered when evaluating a PCB design tool
2007-11-28 PCB/FPGA design goes 3D with Altium tool
The Altium Designer 6.8 with new 3D PCB visualization capability allows designers to see at any time exactly how the manufactured board will look
2007-09-26 Mentor delivers FPGA/PCB design tool for PADS
Mentor Graphics has unveiled the PADS I/O Designer product specifically targeted at its PADS product user community.
2007-09-21 General PCB design and layout guidelines
This application note is intended to assist customers in designing products that comply with both EMI and ESD standards using Micrel's 10/100 family of Ethernet products.
2007-09-20 Minimize noise in audio channels with smart PCB layout
This application note discusses several factors that affect audio functionality in a cellphone PCB design
2007-08-01 How to share IP in PCB design
This article discusses the disconnect between the digital design engineer's vision of bus structures on the PCB, and the failure of tools to capture and route this vision efficiently
2007-06-29 PCB design considerations for KSZ8841/42 family of Ethernet controllers
This application note gives some general guidelines and recommendations to facilitate the design of a roust PCB and reduce system debug time for KSZ8841/42 family for Ethernet controllers
2007-06-18 Achieve good audio quality in portables
This article provides suggestions for good system design and PCB layout practices relevant to the design of any portable system that includes audio playback and/or recording functionality
2007-05-31 Tool tackles power integrity issues in ICs, packages, boards
Aiming to deliver a comprehensive solution for tackling noise and power at the chip, I/O and PCB design levels, Apache Design Solutions announced its Sentinel product line
2007-05-25 Partnership eases FPGA, PCB design collaboration
To help facilitate collaboration between FPGA and PCB designers, Zuken and Aldec announced a partnership that will make it possible to launch Aldec's FPGA design tools from within Zuken's CR-5000 PCB design environment
2007-05-17 Platforms upgrade custom IC, PCB design
Cadence design Systems claims to have a "complete" custom IC simulation and verification solution, along with an advanced constraint-driven PCB design flow with announcing the release 6.2 of its Virtuoso MMSIM tool
2007-05-14 DDR2 IP and configurability
The process of creating a PHY for a specific design is unique to every chip. The planning process traditionally starts with the pad frame design, although designs for the package and even the PCB can precede it
2007-05-11 PCB design environment supports high-speed devices
Claiming a significant enhancement of its flagship CR-5000 PCB design environment, Zuken has added support for new high-speed technologies and devices, including DDR memory and high-density FPGAs
2007-03-12 Four- and six-layer, high-speed PCB design for the Spartan-3E FT256 BGA package
This application note addresses low-cost, four- to six-layer, high-volume PCB layout for a Spartan-3E FPGA in the FT256 1mm BGA package. The impact of highspeed signals and signal integrity (SI) considerations for low layer count PCB layouts is also reviewed. This application note is intended for design engineers, managers and PCB layout staff, who are already familiar with SI related design issues. It focuses on the Spartan-3E device in the FT256 package, but the information applies to the equivalent FG256 package, and the general guidelines can be used to optimize board layout for other devices and packages
2007-03-12 Supporting two SD devices with a single SD bus host controller
The SanDisk iNAND Module is a BGA-packaged embedded product with an SD interface that can be soldered directly to the PCB. There has been an increasing demand from host manufacturers that already support one SD device, to leverage their design and add another SD device. For instance, designers could add an SD slot to a host with embedded iNAND. Hosts containing SD slots could have the option of adding an embedded SD-based device such as a SanDisk iNAND Module. This application note will provide options for designers who wish to incorporate an iNAND Module when the host controller does not support two SD interfaces
2007-03-12 C8051FXXX PCB design notes
The tips and techniques included in this application note will help to ensure successful PCB design. Problems in design can result in noisy and distorted analog measurements, error-prone digital communications, latch-up problems with port pins, excessive EMI, and other undesirable system behavior
2007-03-09 Taiwan company to set up PCB plant in China
Sinbon Electronics Co. Ltd, Taiwanese provider of electronic component integration design and manufacturing, announced plans to invest $2 million in the construction of a PCB plant in mainland China
2006-12-18 design an M-LVDS clock distribution network
Short, narrow stubs coupled with signal drivers that have controlled output edge-rates are the key to increased noise margin and improved overall performance of any multipoint network. By keeping this in mind and following PCB design recommendations, reliable clock distribution networks can be designed with ease
2006-11-17 design suite links PCBs with mechanical CAD
Altium Ltd is promising to link PCB layout with mechanical CAD with the latest release of its Altium Designer FPGA and PCB design suite
2006-10-26 Galileo Avionica, Mentor sign PCB design purchase agreement
Mentor Graphics announced a multi-year agreement with Galileo Avionica to standardize on Mentor's PCB Board Station RE solution for the design of complex digital boards
2006-10-19 Optimal announces enhancements to SiP analysis suite
Optimal is announcing chip/package/PCB co-design support in the form of enhancements to its Optimal SiP Analysis Suite
2006-10-16 design Trends and EDA Tools: Asia-Pacific
Over 300 system, IC and PCB design engineers across the Asia-Pacific, including China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and India, participate in the annual survey to reveal the level of design activity and share development experience with EDA tools
2006-10-16 design high-speed PCBs using parallel method
Here's a parallel design method for a handset that can help ease challenges to PCB design brought by higher speed and integration in smaller devices
2006-09-11 PCB flow delivers improved productivity, integration
The new version of Mentor Graphics' Board Station PCB design flow for enterprise customers promises to deliver improved integration with the enterprise, as well as improved design productivity and "what if" signal integrity analysis
2006-08-15 PCB design survey finds conflict between thermal, SI/EMC
Electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity design requirements for PCB design are frequently conflict, according a survey of 91 designers conducted by Flomerics Inc
2006-08-02 Power connector saves PCB space
Tyco Electronics has introduced a stacked MINIPAK connector with customized insulator options and a DualBlade contact design to reduce connector length and save PCB real estate
2006-06-01 Give PCB computer-aided design its due
PCB CAD gets no respect. With about 12 percent of overall EDA industry revenue, it is marked by sluggish growth, little or no startup activity and few announcements of new technology
2006-05-16 A review of PCB-level power delivery system
Improve power delivery system performance by understanding the fundamental issues in design, and doing extensive modeling and simulation of the entire PDS
2006-04-17 Symmetry and spin-offs in high-speed PCB design
Through symmetry and spin-off analyses, methods of controlling impedance and reducing distortion can yield bonus signal integrity and EMC benefits.
2006-02-09 Firm offers sub-$700 PCB signal integrity analysis suite
What-If design Software LLC is rolling out its AS/ SIST tool suite over the Internet for $695
2006-01-26 Chinese design competence on the rise, according to report
design competence in China continues to steadily progress as PCB design replaced system design as the most common type of electronics design in the nation in 2005
2006-01-04 Embedded capacitor material is RoHS compliant
3M Electronics' advanced laminate, embedded capacitor material helps OEMs and PCB fabricators meet design requirements for space-constrained apps
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