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Power Management news and hot articles

2010-06-04 Power management IC enables 'smart' solar panels
National Semiconductor's SM3320 analog-intensive power management chipset improves power output, reliability and cost-effectiveness of solar systems.
2010-03-24 Power management IC packs Class G codec
Dialog Semiconductor plc has is rolling out the DA9057system-level power management IC that includes a Class G codec.
2010-03-09 PWM controller boasts light load power management
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched a phase-shifted full-bridge PWM controller with synchronous MOSFET control outputs and light load power management.
2010-03-03 Protection IC packs power management bus support
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a system monitoring, protection and control IC with on-chip power management bus (PMBus) support.
2009-12-18 Intersil buys China power management provider
Intersil will acquire China-based Rock Semiconductor, a privately-held, fabless semiconductor company specializing in highly integrated power management ICs.
2009-10-19 Considerations when designing power management circuitry
The focus of this article is to highlight a switch mode power supply and a typical power inductor and their performance during high temperature conditions.
2009-08-17 Intersil, Tower ink power management deal
Intersil and Tower Semiconductor have partnered to co-develop a power management specialty process technology platform.
2009-07-17 i.MX25 power management using the MC34704
This application note presents an analysis of using the MC34704 power management IC to supply a system based on the i.MX25.
2009-05-22 Power consumption and management for LatticeECP3 devices
This application note provides information on power supply considerations and the power calculations that the Power Calculator tool provides. Also included are some guidelines to reduce power consumption.
2009-04-29 Dialog Semi goes beyond power management
Dialog Semiconductor CEO Jalal Bagherli said system power management will remain the company's main area of expertise but disclosed they are also working on low-power display controllers for PMOLEDS as well drivers for MEMS and E-Ink based displays.
2009-03-19 Power management for optimal design
This article describes a holistic approach for managing and optimizing the power in a design. Effective power management involves proper understanding the application of a chip, technology selection, design techniques and methodology.
2009-03-18 Solution supports on-chip Power management
Cadence Design Systems Inc. has enhanced the Cadence Low-Power Solution to include support for new on-chip power management schemes enabled by the recently ratified Si2 Common Power Format (CPF) Version 1.1.
2009-02-24 The greatest mobile device design challenge: Power management
As we rely on mobile devices each day, the need for power efficiency increases.
2009-02-17 Tower, Triune to collaborate on Power management platform
Tower Semiconductor Ltd and Triune Systems LLC have announced an agreement to collaborate on developing what they claim as the "most complete" power management platform in the industry.
2008-12-17 Compact Power management IC rolls
Linear Technology Corp. has announced the LTC3101, the latest power management IC in a family of multifunction, compact power management solutions for battery-powered and battery backup applications.
2008-11-17 Hot swap controller eases Power management
Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTC4222 dual hot swap controller for protecting boards with multiple load supply voltages ranging from 2.9V to 29V.
2008-09-26 TI boosts Power requirement of OMAP35x-flavored designs
TI introduces three fully integrated Power management and signal chain companion chips to support all system power requirements of an OMAP35x processor-based design
2008-09-18 PMIC features USB On-The-Go, overvoltage protection
Linear Technology Corp. introduces the newest member in a family of multifunction Power management ICs for Li-Ion/polymer battery-based applications
2008-09-18 Power-management solutions for telecom systems improve performance, cost, and size
Deregulation and competition in wire line and wireless infrastructure telecommunications systems have accelerated the need for lower-cost equipment solutions with ever increasing bandwidth. The challenge of Power-management requirements for telecom equipment continues to grow
2008-09-18 Power management for processor core voltage requirements
Today��s high-performance processors have very stringent Power requirements. Typically, the power requirements consist of at least two supply voltage requirements. One voltage requirement is for the processor core voltage, VCORE, while the others are input-output voltage requirements, VIO
2008-09-13 Using Suspend Mode in Spartan-3 Generation FPGAs
The Spartan-3A, Spartan-3AN, and Spartan-3A DSP FPGA families offer an advanced static Power management feature called Suspend mode, which reduces FPGA power consumption while retaining the FPGA��s configuration data and maintaining the application state. The device can quickly enter and exit Suspend mode as required in an application
2008-09-10 Freescale positions LED backlight driver for notebooks, FPDs
Freescale Semiconductor is now sampling the first LED backlight product in its Power management IC portfolio
2008-09-10 Chip manages Power in 32bit MCU-based designs
Atmel Corp. has released its AT73C224 analog companion Power management unit that is designed for a wide range of applications based on 32bit MCUs
2008-09-04 Tiny PMIC makes the most of battery runtime
The LTC3586 claims Linear Technology Corp. is the latest and most highly integrated PMIC in a family of multi-function, compact Power management solutions for Li-ion/polymer battery applications
2008-08-29 TI slashes energy draw in DTV sets by 25%
TI claims its two Power management chips will help increase energy efficiency and reduce system size and cost in DTVs
2008-08-27 PMBus implementation using the MSP430 USCI
This TI application note provides an example application for the Power management Bus (PMBus) protocol implementation using the MSP430 as a master PMBus device
2008-08-20 Test solutions improve engine management
Kozio has released its kDiagnostics embedded test application and kPOST Power-on self-test embedded application supporting Freescale's MCUs designed for advanced engine management
2008-08-18 Reduce standby mode energy use
The number of electrical products used in private homes and offices is growing at an extremely fast pace. But these products consume considerable amounts of electrical power during standby mode. This article proposes a Power management solution for electrical devices during standby mode, compliant with power efficiency specifications
2008-08-08 Nextreme Series B financing reaches $13M
Microscale thermal and Power management solutions provider Nextreme Thermal Solutions has secured $13 million in Series B financing
2008-08-08 DDR regulator fits low-Power memory termination
TI has launched a sink/source DDR termination regulator that is suited for all Power management requirements for DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 low-power memory termination
2008-08-01 Power ICs with step-down converters rev up efficiency
AnalogicTech has launched two new Power management ICs for portable applications. The AAT2782 and AAT2783 devices can be used to power both traditional power management functions and noise-sensitive circuits without compromising power efficiency
2008-07-31 Power managers meet automotive quality standard
Diodes Inc. has announced that its Zetex Power management ICs have been qualified to the AEC-Q100 automotive quality specification
2008-07-16 Atmel bestows upgrades to PMU
Atmel Corp. introduces the AT73C237, a Power management unit (PMU) compatible with a 5V input supply and generating four regulated output voltages, with programmable output voltage selection and output current up to 70mA
2008-07-14 Tip of the Week: Simple Power supply for FPGAs (Part 1
Linear Technology recently provided Power management support to one designer, who asked for upwards of 40A at 1.5V to power four FPGAs in the smallest board area possible and the highest efficiency to minimize component overheating
2008-07-10 Power management IC eyes mobile GPS
The AAT2603 from Advanced Analogic Technologies, a Power management IC targeted at mobile GPS devices, PMPs and other handheld mobile systems operating off a single Li-ion battery
2008-07-09 NXP customizes green ICs toward sustainability
NXP recently said that the company has developed and produced the third-generation Power management ICs, and over the past decade, has made a dramatic contribution toward environmental sustainability
2008-07-07 USB Power manager stretches battery life
Linear has launched the latest in a family of compact next-generation, multifunction Power management products for Li-ion/polymer battery applications
2008-07-03 TI sets up Power unit under analog business
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched a Power management strategic business unit to better focus on solving customers' analog, power management and energy-efficiency design challenges
2008-06-26 Oscillator streamlines Power design
The STCL1120 family of silicon oscillators from STMicroelectronics combines fast start-up and high immunity to shock, vibration and EMI with lower operating current and a chip-select control for easier and more efficient Power management compared to other silicon-based devices
2008-06-24 Low Power design for analog/mixed-signal IP
Power reduction and management techniques using multiple clock and power domains, dynamic voltage and frequency scaling and power gating are effective for digital circuits but for analog design, lowering power consumption must be considered early in the design phase
2008-06-13 O2Micro wins low-Power audio CD player patent
Power management IC supplier O2Micro International Ltd has been granted 35 claims under U.S. patent number 7,359,998 for its Low-Power Audio CD Player invention
2008-06-02 Power-over-Ethernet goes green
Here's how the efficiency of PoE systems compares to traditional wall adapters in various applications, and how new techniques and technologies, including dynamic Power management and emergency power management, promise to make new PoE solutions more power- and cost-efficient
2008-05-23 USB battery charger integrates buck-boost, buck converters
Linear Tech has announced the LTC3558, an efficient, multifunction Power management solution for handheld applications
2008-05-16 Cut down processor Power consumption with CPLD
According to Mark Ng of Xilinx Inc., Reducing Power consumption not only involves correct management of the operating mode of a device, but designing a system to take advantage of the modes a device can operate within. Offloading operations of the microprocessor allows it to stay in its low-power state for a longer amount of time. One way to reduce system power is to allow a low-power programmable logic device, such as a CPLD, to manage these offloaded operations
2008-05-15 TI acquires Power management company
Beefing up efforts in Power management, TI has acquired Irish power supply reference design provider Commergy Technologies
2008-05-08 AAT4674/4674-1 Eval: Power supply selector switch
The AAT4674/4674-1 are members of AnalogicTech's Application Specific Power management SmartSwitch family designed to operate from batteries, or any other power supply with an input voltage up to 6V
2008-05-05 Power management IC meets CDMA handset needs
AnalogicTech has launched a Power management IC designed with a single-cell Li-ion battery charger, a 300mA step-down converter, five LDO regulators, a reset function and an I2C interface to supply all the power requirements of new CDMA handsets
2008-04-30 Infineon beefs up Power biz with Primarion acquisition
Infineon Technologies has acquired Primarion to further strengthen its Power management applications activities
2008-04-25 CAN transceiver features advanced Power management
Advanced Power-management features enable Maxim's new automotive CAN transceiver to minimize power consumption in ECU modules that are permanently supplied by a battery
2008-04-25 Enhanced Cortex-M3 achieves ultralow Power
The latest release of the Cortex-M3 processor by ARM includes a new controller that allows almost instantaneous return to fully active mode from an Ultra-Low Leakage retention state and introduces enhanced Power management features
2008-04-24 Chip streamlines Power supply designs
Freescale Semiconductor has added the MC34700 power supply IC to its portfolio of Power management products optimized for space-constrained high-voltage and high-power applications
2008-04-22 VCSO has expanded frequency range, ultralow jitter
The VS-705 VCSO from Vectron International delivers new and improved features including an expanded frequency range and Power management capabilities that support "green" initiatives
2008-04-21 Buck regulator touts highest efficiency for DVS apps
Fairchild has developed a highly efficient Power management solution for new dynamic voltage scaling platforms found in cellphones, portable media players and other portable applications
2008-04-16 Manage circuit board Power with PLDs
This article proposes a design solution to the complex Power management problem in circuit board design: the use of a programmable, mixed-signal power management device
2008-04-10 VI bricks feature advanced modular Power platform
The VI BRICK, from Vicor's brick business unit, touts an advanced modular Power platform incorporating the technical attributes of the company's V?I Chip technology and robust packaging that facilitates enhanced thermal management and through-hole assembly
2008-04-07 Taiwan Power IC firm is Intel's preferred supplier
Taiwan firm Richtek Technology Corp. was awarded Intel Corp.'s 2007 Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) for its efforts supplying Intel with Power management solutions to Intel
2008-04-04 Maxim to Power Intel-based mobile Internet devices
Maxim Integrated Products will work with Intel Corp. for the development of highly integrated Power management and multimedia solutions for Intel-based Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs
2008-03-25 Analog companion IC joins Power management, audio interface
Atmel has announced the release of its AT73C209 analog companion Power supply and audio interface IC designed for low-cost music players
2008-03-20 Using the Mindi Power management simulator tool
This application note describes how to use the Power management circuit design and analysis portion of the Mindi design tool, and serves as a tutorial for simulating a power management application circuit
2008-03-14 Dual DC/DC buck regulators with dual low-noise linear regulators
The LM26480 is a multi-function, programmable Power management unit, optimized for low power digital applications
2008-03-13 PMIC aims at MOST networks in cars
STMicroelectronics has launched what it claims as the industry's first integrated Power management solution for MOST networks
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