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RFID news and hot articles

2010-05-18 NXP launches RFID app center in China
NXP has opened the RFID Application and System Center in Tianjin, China, designed to provide real-life conditions for evaluating and optimizing RFID applications and is the first of its kind in
2010-05-06 UHF RFID reader dongle tailored for printers
The RU-888-000 USB UHF RFID reader module and the RU-888-100 UHF RFID USB dongle suit fixed RFID printers, handheld RFID printers, mobile RFID printers and handheld readers.
2010-04-23 Malaysia RFID market defies downturn
Malaysia RFID market reached approximately $9.5 million in 2009 and is anticipated to further grow to roughly $33.8 million by the end of 2016 with a CAGR of 19.8 percent.
2010-03-11 RFID market to enjoy steady growth
Despite the economic let-ups, RFID outlook is good for steady growth through the next five years, according to new market data by ABI Research.
2009-12-14 RFID reader integrates dual-axis antenna
Motorola has expanded its RFID reader solutions with the MC3090-Z featuring dual-axis antenna for versatile use in retail, healthcare and business environments.
2009-12-14 Brazil debuts homegrown RFID IC
A Brazil ASSP vendor has developed a RFID chip, claimed to be the first IC entirely designed in the country.
2009-11-24 Butterfly wing study to boost RFID security
QinetiQ and the University of Exeter are embarking on a three-year project to develop new anti-counterfeit and radio-frequency technologies based on a portfolio of patented technology.
2009-11-16 RFID chip integrates 2Kbit memory
The large on-chip memory of 2Kbit density alongside RFID circuitry allows e-tickets to become more intelligent and flexible.
2009-09-24 Communication protocols on the LRI64 Long Range RFID Memory IC
This application note aims to analyze the different solutions and to describe the advantages of the LRI64 protocols.
2009-09-11 HF RFID reader IC packs antenna auto-tuning
Austriamicrosystems has launched an HF RFID reader that delivers 1W of output power from a 3.3V supply.
2009-09-07 Asia Pacific aviation industry embraces RFID
Aviation companies are leveraging RFID to raise efficiency, reduce waste and increase security.
2009-09-01 Newport Digital boosts RFID in Taiwan
Newport Digital Technologies has tied up with Taiwan's III and ITRI to distribute their RFID devices.
2009-08-27 Malaysia library system gets RFID-upgrade
Smartag Solutions Bhd has implemented an RFID system compliant to the EPC Global Gen2 standard to the Penang Public Library.
2009-08-11 RFID antennas withstand harsh environments
Laird Technologies Inc. has released the RFID HD RooTenna series that offers six options of integrated RFID antennas covering 865MHz to 960MHz.
2009-07-17 Examining RFID, NFC technologies
This article examines RFID and NFC technologies, and their associated test and measurement requirements.
2009-07-15 Asia Pacific RFID market to enjoy steady growth
The Asia Pacific region is emerging as a potential hot bed for RFID deployment, and price sensitivity has increased due to the large number of participants in this relatively nascent and small sized market.
2009-07-13 NXP, Siemens team up on RFID pharma system
In an effort to improve efficiency of pharmaceutical industry from manufacture to retail, NXP and Siemens are collaborating on an RFID-based supply chain pharmaceutical project.
2009-07-10 Chip powers 'first' RFID-based ticketing scheme
STMicroelectronics' SRT512 contactless memory chip has enabled the world's first RFID-based scheme for single-journey reusable ticketing in mass transportation in Seoul, South Korea.
2009-06-30 Ultrathin RFID modules fit paper tags
Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd has significantly reduced the thickness of its Magicstrap tiny RFID modules range making them suitable for paper label inlays for mainstream retail applications.
2009-05-25 Vietnam applies RFID to ensure food export safety
IBM Corp. and FXA Group have collaborated with the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) and the Vietnamese State Agency for Technological Innovation (SATI) that will accelerate the adoption of traceability solutions to improve global food safety.
2009-05-08 RFID market to enjoy 11% growth despite downturn
Positive signs are beginning to appear and forecasts suggest that even with the ailing automotive vertical included, the RFID market should see 11 percent growth between 2009 and 2010.
2009-05-08 Sensor hardware kit rolls for RFID, security apps
STMicroelectronics has released the a comprehensive hardware developer kit for building active RFID tags and readers that comply with the global standard for 433MHz active RFID technology, ISO 18000-7.
2009-05-04 RFID reader integrates PoE connectivity
Motorola Inc. has released a new series of business-class fixed RFID readers that provides maximum functionality in a sleek package making it suitable for retail stores, offices, and other customer-facing or business environments.
2009-04-23 Keep the livestock industry healthy with RFID
Animal disease outbreaks are devastating to the meat production industry. The only way to control these outbreaks' cause is to prevent any further spread of infection. Thus, a means to rapidly trace the origins of a new disease outbreak is essential. Enter the RFID.
2009-04-02 UHF RFID reader includes USB interface
austriamicrosystems and IE Technology Ltd (IET) have released the IET RU-210u, mid-range (up to 2.5m), fixed UHF RFID reader, with USB and serial interface.
2009-02-12 Firms demo organic RFID breakthroughs
A pair of papers was presented at the IEEE's International Solid State Circuits Conference describing breakthroughs in the field of organic electronics for RFID applications.
2009-02-03 Redesigned RFID devices don ISO functionality
Siemens' Industry Automation Division has redesigned its high-frequency 13.56MHz-range Simatic RF310R and RF380R RFID read/write devices so that they can also work with ISO 15693 standard transponders (tags).
2008-11-11 Report: RFID market to hit $5.3B this year
A new report from ABI Research forecasts that the worldwide RFID market will exceed $5.3 billion in 2008.
2008-10-22 Low-power UHF RFID readers trim BOM
austriamicrosystems, in partnership with BeeDar Technology, has unveiled the latest BDUR-002 mid-range UHF RFID reader,
2008-10-21 Affordable silicon ink speeds up RFID tagging
Printing thin-film circuits on flexible substrates may be available in the market with the release of what is believed as silicon ink's first commercial integration.
2008-10-15 Long-range reader complies with UHF RFID Gen 2
austriamicrosystems, in partnership with Thailand's Infinite Electric, releases the Infinite Electric's INR 100 long-range reader.
2008-09-23 Group pushes RFID standardization to secure supply chain
The U.S. pharmaceutical industry has been piloting trials of RFID tag technology as a way to secure the prescription drug supply chain via an electronic pedigree
2008-09-12 Atmel adds GUI to 125kHz RFID evaluation kit
Atmel Corp. has added a significant enhancement to the ATA2270-EK1 125-kHz RFID demo kit
2008-09-09 India petroleum firms tap IBM's RFID tracking solution
IBM will implement RFID-based solution for Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd (HPCL), a Fortune 500 company and a downstream petroleum organization in India
2008-08-11 SkyeTek extends support for UHF ICs from EM
According to embedded RFID reader technology provider SkyeTek Inc., its M9 SkyeModule will support a full command set of EM4122 and EM4444 UHF ICs from EM Microelectronic
2008-07-14 Impinj buys Intel's RFID reader chip biz
UHF Gen 2 RFID solutions provider Impinj Inc. has acquired Intel Corp.'s RFID operation
2008-06-27 Study: RFID devices interfere with medical apps
The use of RFID in hospitals can interfere with critical care medical equipment according to a study conducted by University of Amsterdam researchers published in the Journal of the American Medical Association
2008-06-24 Solving the most difficult RFID testing challenges
Recent advances in submicron CMOS promise to make RFID technology more ubiquitous. This can be seen in the increasing amount of embedded RFID, the founding of the Ubiquitous ID Center and T-Engine Forum, as well as the support of the GSM Association to embed Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities into cellular phones
2008-06-20 NXP-Bibliotheca RFID solution powers German library
NXP Semiconductors has announced that the Max Planck Institute for European History of Law Library has chosen the Longlife RFID labels from Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems, based on the recently launched NXP ICODE SLI-SY chip
2008-05-23 ABI: RFID to become $9.7B market in 2013
New forecasts released by ABI Research indicate that the total RFID market will turn over approximately $9.7 billion by 2013, representing roughly a 15 percent CAGR for the period from 2008
2008-05-21 RFID tracks surgical sponges in operating rooms
A Pittsburgh startup has launched what could be one of the first RFID systems to debut in an operating room setting
2008-05-15 Omron adds security protocol to RFID reader/writer
Omron, in cooperation with Hitachi, has achieved compatibility between its V750 series UHF RFID reader/writer and Secure RFID Protocol
2008-05-07 Study: RFID reader market is integrating, innovating
RFID readers are becoming both more highly integrated and more innovative, according to ABI Research in its new study 'Passive RFID Readers: Market Trends and Forecasts
2008-04-15 UHF RFID reader IC claims 'lowest' power draw, BOM
austriamicrosystems' AS3990 Gen 2 UHF reader IC, targeted at power- and cost-sensitive applications, claims the industry's lowest power consumption and lowest BOM.
2008-04-09 Kit develops secure contactless RFID apps
A development kit for contactless, highly secure RFID transactions has been released by Melexis Microelectronic Integrated Systems N.V. and Atmel Corp
2008-04-01 Organic RFID tags to zap bar codes
Researchers from the European Holst Center said their 64bit, inductively coupled, passive RFID tag achieved a record 780bit/s data readout
2008-03-31 South Korea police wants GPS on all phones
Due to recent criminal events, the South Korea National Police Agency announced plans to install GPS on all cellphones nationwide while introducing RFID tags
2008-03-06 RFID market to hit $1.4B in China, notes ABI
The total market revenue of RFID applications in China will hit nearly $1.4 billion this year, according to ABI Research
2008-01-11 64Kbyte FRAM RFID tag debuts for aviation
Fujitsu has developed the world's first 64Kbyte UHF-band RFID tag with high-capacity FRAM for aircraft apps
2007-12-11 UHF receiver/transmitter line targets industrial apps
Atmel announced its ATA8x0x UHF ASK/FSK receiver/transmitter family targeted at remote controls for consumer and industrial systems, access control, alarm and telemetry systems, energy metering and home automation as well as active RFID tagging systems
2007-12-07 RFID devices with crypto engine prevent counterfeiting
Atmel has unveiled the CryptoRF 13.56MHz RFID devices with 64bit embedded cryptographic engine, mutual authentication capability and up to 16 individually configurable zones
2007-11-30 Mobile gizmos to get single-chip RFID reader
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has come up with a single-chip RFID reader for mobile devices
2007-11-22 Printed ICs prep up for mainstream entry
Developers of TFT circuits claimed breakthroughs that may finally push the technology to market and enable low-cost class of electronic paper, displays, labels, RFID tags, sensors and smart cards
2007-11-21 ABI Research sees steady growth in RFID sector
Revenues for global RFID markets will jump to $8.4 billion in 2012, up 21 percent CAGR from this year's $3.8 billion, according to ABI Research
2007-11-19 Innovision starts IP licensing for NFC tech
Innovision Research & Technology plc, supplier of RFID and NFC chips has started an intellectual property evaluation and licensing program for its NFC technology called Gem
2007-11-16 RFID hits roadblocks in war vs. fake drugs
The electronics industry has been counting on RFID's adoption as the antidote to drug counterfeiting. But legal wrangling and federal foot-dragging are raising concerns that the technology's adoption for tracking drugs through the supply chain may no longer be a given
2007-11-15 ...Green' silicon ink prints cheaper RFID tags
Kovio claimed that RFID tags using its 'green' silicon ink will drop Kovio's price from 15 cents today to 5 cents by 2008, when Kovio begins volume production of its inkjet-printed RFID tags
2007-11-08 Oki, cement firm work on strain sensing with RFID
Oki Electric and Taiheiyo Cement have developed the Strain Sensing System to maintain and manage structures using a passive-type sensor-integrated RFID
2007-11-05 RFID to fuel billion-dollar thin-film/printable battery market
Thin-film and printed batteries with their customizable shapes, flexible form factors and ultralow weight are enabling new functionality to be added to a broad range of electronic products, such as smartcards, RFID and sensors both increasing their usefulness and the size of their addressable markets
2007-10-30 austriamicrosystems, IDS team up on RFID reader chip
austriamicrosystems and IDS Microchip are working together to develop an RFID reader IC targeted at the portable reader market
2007-10-24 Omron RFID reader supports Microsoft BizTalk
Omron RFID, in cooperation with Microsoft, has developed a software driver that enables compatibility between its V750 UHF Gen2 reader and Microsoft's BizTalk RFID platform
2007-10-23 Free configuration tool rolls for Turck RFID system
Turck rolled out a free configuration software that aids in RFID equipment selection by quickly simulating an application's parameters and values
2007-10-10 Long-read-range RFID inlays come in compact form
Omron's Scorpion RFID inlay is designed to seize the growing section of the RFID tag market that demands long read range in a compact form factor
2007-10-04 IBM pushes for open RFID standards
IBM convinced RFID device manufacturers to implement the Eclipse open source device model, received certification that its WebSphere RFID Information Center is compliant with EPCIS standards, and is supporting a new Low Level Reader Protocol reader-interface standard
2007-09-28 Three firms to develop implantable RFID glucose sensor
Three companies have teamed up to develop a prototype renewable glucose sensor to be used in conjunction with an implantable bio-sensing RFID microchip to measure glucose levels in the body
2007-09-25 Startup drives Active RFID adoption
British startup RFTRAQ has started production of its Active RFID tags to advance help push the use of the devices and expand into new application sectors
2007-07-30 RFID ups operational efficiency in Japan department store
NXP Semiconductor details how the Misukoshi's shoe department in Japan used RFID technology in its products to improve its service by cutting down on customers' waiting time and to catch sales that are lost when the department runs out of its most popular products
2007-06-26 NXP design center aims to up RFID adoption
NXP Semiconductors has set up a Reference Design Centre (RDC) in Austria to facilitate deployment and adoption of RFID technology
2007-06-22 RFID looks good to tech firms, vague to customers
Technology companies are ready to offer RFID products, but consumers have been slow to embrace radio-frequency identification, says survey
2007-05-30 In-Stat: Wi-Fi RFID tag market to double annually
In-Stat reported that there were 135,000 shipments of Wi-Fi RFID tags and the market is set to double each year until 2010. This would result to more than 2.1 million units in three years
2007-05-25 Singapore aquarium displays RFID-tagged fish
Singapore's Underwater World aquarium has tagged some of its fishes using microchips in order for visitors to identify the different species on display.
2007-05-10 Epson invests in RuBee asset-tracking RFID tech
Epson Electronics has entered a 'strategic' investment with Visible Assets Inc., an asset-tracking specialist and one of the main backers of RuBee RFID technology
2007-05-10 NXP, Kestrel RFID tech to eliminate DVD theft
NXP Semiconductors and Kestrel Wireless have joined forces on an RFA/RFID technology that will eliminate the problem of DVD theft throughout the supply chain
2007-05-04 Rugged RFID antenna suits baler, compactor apps
Tyco Electronics has expanded its RFID solutions product family with the introduction of a line of ruggedized RFID antennas for use in baler and compactor RFID applications
2007-05-03 Motorola, Avery team to deliver RFID solution
Motorola and Avery Dennison announced a strategic relationship under which Avery will supply Gen 2 RFID tags to Motorola, increasing the speed of RFID deployments and product availability
2007-05-02 NIST issues RFID security guidelines
The National Institute of Standards and Technology has issued guidelines for RFID. The report urges everyone using the technology to evaluate security and privacy risks and use best practices to mitigate them
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