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TD-SCDMA news and hot articles

2010-04-26 PXI measurement suite cuts TD-SCDMA test costs
From Aeroflex comes the PXI 3030 TD-SCDMA measurement suite designed to provide fast and cost-effective production testing of mobile handsets and RFICs.
2010-04-14 China TD-SCDMA market set for explosive growth
China's 3G TD-SCDMA handset shipments is expected to grow 600 percent during 2010, according to the latest research of Strategy Analytics.
2010-03-01 Power amp meets TD-SCDMA performance metrics
The RF7234 and RF3266 PAs deliver superior performance at peak power conditions and ample margin meeting the critical performance metrics of today's TD-SCDMA handsets.
2010-01-20 MediaTek, AST Wireless to boosts TD-SCDMA
Through the strategic alliance with AST, MediaTek will deliver richer and more diversified products, thus making the TD-SCDMA industry stronger.
2009-12-23 Nokia, ST-Ericsson team to boost TD-SCDMA
The partnership enhances both companies' leadership position in China's mobile market by developing a robust user experience.
2009-08-31 RF power devices tip flexibility for TD-SCDMA
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced two final-stage LDMOS RF power transistors for TD-SCDMA networks.
2009-08-27 HTC, China Mobile partner on TD-SCDMA
HTC Corp. has singed a memorandum of understanding covering substantive cooperation on TD-SCDMA with China Mobile Ltd.
2009-05-28 China Mobile, ST-Ericsson team on TD-SCDMA
China Mobile and has partnered with ST-Ericsson China subsidiary, T3G, to develop high-end and low-cost handsets, based on the 3G standard TD-SCDMA.
2009-05-06 Agilent, Datang team on TD-SCDMA testing
Agilent Technologies Inc. and Datang Holdings have signed an agreement to collaborate in the development of TD-SCDMA and related technologies in the test and measurement areas.
2009-01-06 TD-SCDMA/GSM module offers video phone support
Spreadtrum Communications Inc. and Shanghai Raho Technology Co. Ltd jointly unveiled what it claims to be the world's first TD-SCDMA/GSM dual mode wireless communication module supporting video phone function.
2008-11-21 Nokia strengthens TD-SCDMA efforts
Nokia reaffirmed its commitment to TD-SCDMA at the Mobile Asia Congress in Macau.
2008-10-15 Nokia Siemens beefs up TD-SCDMA team
Anticipating the ramp up of TD-SCDMA deployments in China, Nokia Siemens Networks will increase its current strength of TD-SCDMA trained engineers to over 1,200.
2008-08-04 Lenovo, Spreadtrum readies TD-SCDMA handsets for Olympics
Volunteers and staff members of the upcoming Beijing Olympics will be receiving Lenovo Mobile's TD900, the latest digital mobile TV-equipped TD-SCDMA handsets
2008-07-29 China Mobile rents out TD-SCDMA phones during Olympics
Foreign visitors in the Beijing Olympics will not be able to use their 3G mobile phones, but they can hire handsets from China Mobile and use the country's homegrown technology, a senior official disclosed
2008-07-22 China's TD-SCDMA readies for Olympic debut
Having completed its trial evaluations in 2007, China's homegrown 3G wireless standard, TD-SCDMA, is ready to make its debut at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics
2008-07-17 China Mobile gains membership in TD-SCDMA Alliance
The TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance has announced that with the consent of the Council of the TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance, China Mobile will join the alliance along with nine other firms, according to a report from
2008-07-15 China Telecom readies 2nd stage of TD-SCDMA plan
China Telecom has reportedly issued the second-stage construction plan for TD-SCDMA network to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
2008-07-11 Spectrum analyzers now handle TD-SCDMA signals
Anritsu Co. presents new options for its MS271xB family of economy microwave spectrum analyzers that create a cost-efficient method to measure quickly and precisely the performance of TD-SCDMA components
2008-06-26 CHL to set up 3G base stations in Shanghai
China Mobile (CHL) Shanghai will start building 1,500 TD-SCDMA base stations in Shanghai this month, according to a report citing a representative from the company
2008-06-24 Datang to sell stake on TD-SCDMA firm for $17.8M
China telecom operator Datang Mobile will sell its 32 percent stake in T3G, a major chip supplier for the country's homegrown TD-SCDMA technology, according to a China Daily report
2008-06-04 China MII grants 29 TD-SCDMA terminal licenses
The China Ministry of Information Industry has granted network access license to 19 TD terminal manufacturers, including foreign brands Motorola and Philips
2008-06-04 Telecom partnership embarks on new chapter
A CDMA-TD-SCDMA video call marked the telecom partnership between South Korea and China
2008-05-29 China receives NXP-T3G TD-SCDMA solution
Building on their leadership in TD-SCDMA, NXP Semiconductors and T3G Technologies have announced that the next-generation 3G cellular system solution T3G7208 is now commercially available in China
2008-05-15 Qualcomm, AsiaTelco forge 3G CDMA license deal
Qualcomm and AsiaTelco Technologies Holding have entered into a license agreement, under which AsiaTelco is granted rights to develop, manufacture and sell subscriber units and modem cards implementing the CDMA2000, W-CDMA and TD-SCDMA standards
2008-04-02 Commercial deployment commences for TD-SCDMA
China Mobile has announced the commercial deployment of TD-SCDMA technology in China beginning April, according to wireless baseband chipset provider Spreadtrum Communications
2008-03-20 Altera FPGAs drive ZTE TD-SCDMA devices
FPGAs from Altera have been selected by ZTE for its 3G remote radio units. With this announcement, Altera has enabled all the major wireless air interface standards in production around the world.
2008-02-04 China confers TD-SCDMA access licenses
China's TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance has awarded last week (Jan. 30) to six handset makers, including Lenovo and ZTE, the first post-trial period access licenses to the country's homegrown 3G network, according to the state-owned news agency
2008-01-22 Femtocell ref design 'first' to support TD-SCDMA
picoChip has introduced the PC8808 TD-SCDMA femtocell reference design, claimed to be the first to support the China 3G standard
2008-01-18 ABI: TD-SCDMA to face uphill battle outside China
According to ABI Research, TD-SCDMA is likely to face an uphill battle outside of mainland China, even in Hong Kong
2008-01-10 Datang, Ericsson build joint LTE research center
Datang Telecom and Ericsson have established the Datang-Ericsson LTE Joint Research Center for Long Term Evolution/Time Division Duplex technology, which follows TD-SCDMA
2008-01-02 Keys to success: Integrate and cooperate
After many years of waiting, the industry chain of TD-SCDMA in China has started to mature. The local RF IC manufacturers are a very important link in the TD-SCDMA supply chain. One of these manufacturers is RDA Microelectronic (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Zhang Liang, VP for development and definition of products project shared his views on issues related to RF technology in China
2007-10-31 ZTE debuts handsets with TD-SCDMA support
ZTE has released a series of handset products that are said to be the industry's first to support TD-SCDMA, China's homegrown 36 standard
2007-10-19 Chipset eases TD-SCDMA commercial deployment
Commit's MARS-II chipset solution and reference design promises to facilitate commercial TD-SCDMA deployment as it enables HSPDA, high-end 3G applications, low power consumption and seamless handover between TD-SCDMA and 2.5G communications
2007-10-01 Calibration application rolls for TD-SCDMA phones
Agilent has rolled out a multiformat calibration application, which it touts to be the industry's most cost-effective, high-performance, calibration-optimized solution for TD-SCDMA mobile phone manufacturing
2007-09-10 Spreadtrum, ZTE partner to promote TD-SCDMA
Spreadtrum Communications and ZTE have entered a TD-SCDMA partnership agreement to help speed up development and commercialization of the technology
2007-09-07 Multimode RF transceiver IC supports TD-SCDMA
Quorum Systems Inc. has introduced an ultralow-power, multi-band, multi-mode RF transceiver, the Sereno QS3200, adding TD-SCDMA support to its existing 2G/2.5G/3G RF transceiver family
2007-09-05 Communication analyzers enable TD-SCDMA testing
Anritsu has introduced three options for its MT8820B/MT8815B radio communication analyzers that allow the testing of TD-SCDMA 3G mobile terminals
2007-08-23 RF vector generator software supports TD-SCDMA
Keithley Instruments' SignalMeister Waveform Creation Software for RF vector signal generators supports China's TD-SCDMA wireless communications standard
2007-07-19 Othello chip suits 3G TD-SCDMA wireless handsets
Analog Devices Inc. has unveiled the latest addition to its family of Othello direct conversion radios and its broad TD-SCDMA product portfolio, the Othello-3T AD6552
2007-07-18 China MII releases 3G videophone standard
China's Ministry of Information Industry (MII) has issued an industry standard for 3G videophone services, which involves both TD-SCDMA and W-CDMA
2007-07-11 TI DSPs used in Node B base stations for TD-SCDMA trials
DSPs from TI are reportedly used in 80 percent of the Node B base station equipment being supplied for the trials of China's TD-SCDMA air interface technology
2007-07-10 Aeroflex, Beijing StarPoint to develop TD-SCDMA protocol tester
Aeroflex and the Beijing StarPoint Telecommunication Software have teamed up to jointly develop the first, full TD-SCDMA protocol conformance test system
2007-07-06 Alcatel, Datang Mobile deploy TD-SCDMA trials in China
Alcatel Shanghai Bell and Datang Mobile announced they have been tasked to deploy half of the TD-SCDMA expansion project China Netcom is launching in Qingdao, China
2007-06-28 Meeting T3R4 requirements in TD-SCDMA handsets using the MAX2392
This application note provides techniques and guidelines for timing the MAX2392 setting changes to meet T3R4 requirements in the TD-SCDMA standard
2007-06-22 Digital front-end tool rolls for TD-SCDMA
Xilinx Inc. and Multiple Access Communications (MAC) Ltd partner to deliver a TD-SCDMA digital front-end (DFE) reference design solution based on the Xilinx system generator for DSP tool
2007-06-08 TD-SCDMA-to-GSM handover demoed in China
NXP has teamed with China's T3G Technology to validate automatic handover of multimode TD-SCDMA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE calls
2007-05-31 China Mobile earmarks $784.5M for TD-SCDMA phones
China Mobile is set to invite bids for the supply of TD-SCDMA cellphones worth as much as $784.5 million, according to a report
2007-05-30 Nokia to sell TD-SCDMA phones in China next year
A Nokia official disclosed the company expects to start selling handsets for TD-SCDMA, China's homegrown 3G technology, in the first half of 2008, according to a Reuters report
2007-05-18 China okays TD-SCDMA rival standards
The China Ministry of Information Industry (MII) approved May 16 the use of European and American 3G mobile phone standards, which rival the homegrown TD-SCDMA
2007-04-17 A WiMAX double downconversion IF sampling receiver design
The design approach and implementation procedures are presented to allow designers to easily modify the receiver chain to address other bands such as Wireless Broadband (WiBro) and other cellular standards such as TD-SCDMA
2007-04-12 SK Telecom opens TD-SCDMA test bed center in Seoul
To facilitate the commercialization of China's TD-SCDMA 3G mobile technology, SK Telecom Co. has opened a new test bed center in Bundang, southeast of Seoul
2007-03-30 On TD-SCDMA: Let carriers choose, says U.S. official
A U.S. trade official remarked that China should allow carriers to make their own choice with regard to the adoption of a domestic next-generation mobile phone standard.
2007-03-02 Freescale intros LDMOS RFIC for TD-SCDMA
Freescale has introduced a high-power multistage RF power LDMOS FET characterized for TD-SCDMA wireless base stations
2007-02-16 Dual SIM/Smart card power supply suits 3G apps
Linear Technology has announced a dual SIM and Smart Card power supply IC with level translator that's suitable for GSM, TD-SCDMA and other 3G+ wireless applications that interface with either a 1.8V or 3V SIM or Smart Card
2007-02-08 TD-SCDMA supporters push for low-end handsets
Even though 3G licenses haven't been issued in China, an alliance backing the local standard is trying to figure out a way to make TD-SCDMA phones as cheap as $100
2007-01-03 China's TD-SCDMA to see judgment day in 2007
It's been a roller-coaster ride for homegrown technology in China, but little will deter China from pushing ahead with their efforts to introduce standards.
2006-12-19 Ningbo Bird to invest $38M in TD-SCDMA
Ningbo Bird Co., one of China's largest domestic mobile phone makers, intends to invest $38 million to develop handsets for the domestic 3G technology known as TD-SCDMA
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