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9 memory products that shift car apps into high gear

The smarter, connected cars will be evermore hungry for memory to support a wide range of applications, including those that require near-instant boot up. So here's a checklist of recent memory product introductions suitable for automotive use.

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Didi gives Apple a lift: $1B buys ticket for ride-sharing

Industry observers suspect that the deal with Didi proves to be critical to Apple, since the iPhone maker is seeking to curry favour with the Chinese government to grow its business in China.

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Thai gov't grants tax break for VC firms

In an effort to boost its digital economy, Thai government waives tax for venture capital firms—directed mainly at technology businesses within the 10 core industries for 10 years.

Vital Signs

Vital Signs

Plunge in semiconductor sales drag chip suppliers

IC Insights revealed that eight of the top 10 semiconductor suppliers saw posted annual declines in Q1 sales compared with 1Q15, with several seeing sales fall by 25% or more.


Tech Watch

Tech Watch

High-conductive thermoplastic mat'l advances 3D printing

A*STAR IMRE scientists have come up with what they describe as a novel type of thermoplastic thread that can be used in 3D printers to develop functional circuits for use in electrical gadgets.

Tech Papers

Tech Papers

Benefits of adding isolation to LVDS interfaces

Adding isolation to LVDS interfaces provides a transparent solution that can be inserted into existing signal chains for high-speed and precision measurement and control applications.



Can you improve this BMP display?

15/04/2016 by Clive Maxfield

Our Caveman Diorama is going to boast a Time Portal, thereby explaining my presence in the scene. Cardboard prototype of Time Portal (Source: Max Maxfield & Mike Mittlebeeler) Well,

What would you change about C?

18/04/2016 by Jack Ganssle

If you’re an old-timer you’ve most likely written code in a large number of languages that have many different underlying philosophies.

In progress: Home-made Nixie tube clock

29/04/2016 by Clive Maxfield

Just to make sure we're all tap dancing to the same drum beat, let's remind ourselves that, sometime ago...

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VIA PFM from Vicor Enables Power Component Design Methodology from AC to the Point of Load

This White Paper describes how the new VIA PFM, a power component that performs the front-end AC-DC conversion required in many systems?

A Shift Away from China Manufacturing

Manufacturers are moving out of China into Southeast Asia. White paper details economic drivers and explains the benefits of Southeast Asia?

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